Friday, May 8, 2015

No Prince Charming for Me

No Prince Charming for me

As young girls we are told often to look for our "Prince Charming". And believe, like Cinderella, he will come and save us from the dull, ordinary lives we lead.

But upon careful examination I've decided a "Prince Charming" is the exact opposite of what a girl needs.

Let's think about this . . .
  • He has one night with this girl. Dances with no one else. She is captivating and beautiful and yet when he begins the search for her he doesn't even know her name?
  • He can't tell them "Hey, she was a blonde with blue eyes and called Cinderella" to help narrow the search?
  • Instead he tries the slipper on every foot in the kingdom and she is the very last. I'm sure we can all agree that wouldn't be very flattering.

If you have truly captured the heart of a man and he has captured yours shouldn't you know something of one another?

I can still remember how long the first phone conversation lasted between my husband and I, what his jacket smelled like when we first hugged and what the air felt like the first time we kissed good-bye.

I guess the point to all my ramblings is this: True love takes notice. If you really love the one you are with you should know how they take their coffee . . . or if they like coffee at all.

If you don't know or wish you had taken the time to notice more, don't be discouraged. There is still time.

Forget Prince Charming and look for a King who will make you his Queen.

About Jamin:

Jamin Baldwin is a new, up-and-coming author whose writing interests span everything from historical romances to poetry and devotions. Along with home schooling her own children, she is also a volunteer in the children’s ministry at her church. The simplicity of country life is an insurmountable influence on all her writing endeavors.