Friday, October 3, 2014

Late But Here This Rainy Friday ~

The final dessert at the ACFW Conference - White Chocolate Cheese cake with Red Raspberry Garnish and Cinnamon Whipped cream - along with a spiral of white/milk chocolate - DECADENT but SCRUMPTIOUS

For those of you who were at the ACFW Conference in St Louis, MO this past week, you'll most likely have seen the majority of pics and or been a part of the things shown I want to share here at Stitches.  For those who did not go, I hope you get a sense of the fellowship, the scenery, even some history as you see a portion of the GATEWAY ARCH and the COURTHOUSE along with some shots of our leader, Crystal Barnes.

I missed Jodie Wolfe immensely this year, but her care-giving is so much more important at this juncture of her life and that of her family. Please continue to lift Jodie, David, and his parents into God's most capable hands of healing and/or peace. This is an extremely difficult time as both of Jodie's in-laws are in major physical crises at the moment! Thank you.

Enjoy bits and pieces of the conference experience. . .Beginning with Crystal - one half of our fearless leadership at STITCHES. . . .
Ah. . .there she is. . .Crystal with Tina Radcliff
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Wednesday - just before dusk - night before ACFW Conference began
One of my favorite Historical Romance Writers - Andrea Boeshaar

Sixteen stories below Garden renovations
Robin Lee Hatcher - prolific writer - Great at the Historical Romance Genre as well

Gail Gaymer Martin - Continuing Education Course Instructor                                                                                                                        

The Arch by nightlight. . .a favorite view of mine - also sixteen stories up


  1. Great pictures, Joy. I'm humbled by your comments.

  2. I love that you took so many pictures. I'm so bad at that. Thank you, Joy. You're always so thoughtful! I'm already excited for conference next year. Dallas, 2015!