Monday, June 30, 2014

Comment to win the Declaration of Independence Series!

Congratulations to Britney Adams who was the winner of last week's Giveaway of Land of my Dreams by Norma Gail!

This week's Giveaway:

Remington Colt's Declaration of Independence Series

In celebration of Independence day this week, Amber Schamel is giving away the complete series I & II of the Remington Colt Declaration of Independence series by Murray Pura, Amber Schamel, John Amodeo and Joseph Max Lewis.

This is an exciting series that introduces you to the signers of the Declaration in a very personal way. This is a historically accurate and patriotic series featuring Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Joseph Lewis and John Hancock.

Series I
Series II releases July 1!

Comment on this post or any post this week to get your name in the drawing for these great giveaways!


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  1. Hello. This is very interesting. More history. I would love to win this book, The Declaration of Independence. It sounds like a great book about our history. Please add my name to try and win. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <