Friday, June 20, 2014

A Father's Love

Since father’s day was this past Sunday, I thought I would focus on a book that exemplifies the love a father has for his daughter.
In Fried Chicken and Gravy, Sherri Schoenborn Murray, gives us a sweet romantic tale, full of many humorous moments, but what the story show cases best is the love a father has for his daughter.
See Murray might have wanted readers to focus on Missy and Robert, but Missy’s father, John, steals the story.
Who is he? He’s a man who loves his daughter. In fact, he loves his daughter so much he decides he is going to make sure she learns to cook and finds the right man, and that right man is a auto parts salesmen who Missy can’t stand. In fact, she has her sights set on her brother’s friend.
But her father sees something in this friend. Something that makes him fear for his daughter’s well-being.  And so he decides to try to convince her through many unconventional ways that Robert Is the man for her.
Unfortunately she has a hard time seeing the wisdom in her father’s actions. See John isn’t trying to force his will on his daughter. No, he just wants what any good parent wants: what’s best for his daughter.
Now, I’m not going to give you the ending of the story. You will have to buy the book for that pleasure, but I want to encourage you to read the book. As you do analyze how your parents have tried to help you as an adult. Have you listened? Should you have?
I would love to hear stories in the comments about how your parents have helped you.

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Josette Downey  is the christian romance author of A Time to Say Goodbye, The Secret Son and Bonds of Tradition. She has master’s degree in English From East Carolina University, and currently works for a premier test scoring company. She is the mother of a precocious six-year-old girl, who enjoys bugs, snakes and superman.  She enjoys southern cooking, reading and exploring emerging technology, but is best defined by her devotion to her faith and the empowerment of women in the modern world.

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  1. I am intrigued by Chicken and Gravy. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention.