Friday, March 7, 2014

Librarian Recommended

It's fun Friday. I know we talk about Christian books for adults a lot here, and so I thought we'd take a break from adult books and talk about kid books.

As a librarian, I'm often asked to recommend books. As a Christian, I know it can be hard to find good clean books for kids.

So, here are three of my favorite authors for kids:

Mo Willems
When I read a book in the library, I sometimes have to read it 15 times, which makes even the best book annoying by about Wednesday.
Not with Mo Willems. I love them all week. The pigeon books are my favorite, but City Dog, Country Frog is a nice break from the humorous--a touching story about friendship.
Wendy Mass
Those middle grades (3-6) can be tricky to find great books for girls.
Enter Wendy Mass.
LOVE her books. Jeremy Fink is one boys would like too.
Ally Carter
Ally Carter is my absolute favorite YA author.
She writes clean books about strong, confident girls who have more on their minds than just boys--like spying and re-stealing art.
So, those are my favorite.
What are you favorite books/authors for kids?


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