Friday, November 29, 2013

Here's a book with promise - COLORADO PROMISE by Charlene Whitman

Meet Suzanne Lakin writing as:
 Charlene Whitman - Colorado Promise -  a novel with promise for sure.
Forced to make Colorado Territory her new home, a young woman from New York’s high society aches for love but fears she will never find it—until a cowboy with a troubled past and broken heart shows how the West can make promises come true . . .

1875. When Emma Bradshaw’s father gets “Western fever” and moves his family to the utopian town of Greeley, Colorado, she sees no way out of her lonely prison—unless her childhood friend, handsome Randall Turnbull, might perchance fall in love with her. Randall, having moved to Greeley to work for his father, seems the perfect man for her, and she’s eager for him to court her.

Lucas Rawlings, veterinarian and horse lover, has lived on the Front Range for three years at Sarah Banks’s ranch, after stumbling down from the Rockies consumed with grief. Since losing his precious wife and baby in childbirth, he doesn’t think his heart can bear ever loving again. But Sarah, a half-Cheyenne with a medicine woman for a grandmother, has a vision showing it’s time Lucas married again. He scoffs until he rescues Emma in a sudden hailstorm and their lives become intricately entwined.

Emma yearns for the comfort and familiarity of Randall’s company, but Lucas’s easy confidence and gentle ways snag her heart. Facing a new life beset by grasshoppers, drought, and blizzards is hard enough. But when murderous ranchers try to force Sarah off her land, and her brother takes up dangerous company, the lives of her family and the man she’s come to love are threatened. It will take a miracle—and the strength of true love—to come through unscathed in this untamed land.

This book had me from the beginning, and I COULD NOT go to sleep until I'd read the entire novel.
LOVE the cover art, the hero/heroine and it's got just enough history woven through to make you aware of what things might have been like in the 1870's - but not so much you miss the STORY of the characters involved. GOOD JOB, Suzanne/Charlene! This story has real HEART and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!


  1. Colorado Promise sounds like a must read. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  2. The cover alone is enough to entice me to buy it, but the story sounds as good as the cover looks.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book, and I love the cover. Good luck with it.