Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quilt Chronicles Book Review

Susan Mires here today to talk about two of my favorite things - books and quilts. And they come together beautifully in The Quilt Chronicles  Series by Stephanie Grace Whitson.

As an author, Stephanie delves into women's hearts and explores complex emotions. Her attention to historic detail provides wonderful texture to this series set in Nebraska's early days. 

The first book, The Key on the Quilt, tells the story of Jane Prescott who has been sentenced to prison for killing her husband. For Jane and the other women, quilting becomes a diversion and also binds them together. A women's prison seemed like an unlikely setting for a Christian novel, but this turned out to be touching book about redemption.

The Shadow on the Quilt was my favorite of the series. Juliana Sutton faces terrible pain when her husband dies in a fire at a brothel. She and her husband's two maiden aunts try to find healing together. The story had an element of romance with a most lovable hero, but I found Juliana's story complete in itself. The aunts were more than props to the story, but at the heart of the story as three women had to come to terms with their past and work together for their future.

The final book, The Message on the Quilt, brings to life the old Midwest tradition of the Chautauaqua. Noah Shaw, the Man of Many Voices, arrives in Beatrice, Neb., for the event. Emilie Rhoades interviews him for her newspaper article. But Noah is in for an adventure as he learns what the message on his mother's quilt really says.

The books are independent stories in the series, so it doesn't matter which one you read first.

What do you like best: quilts or books?

Susan Mires


  1. These books sound wonderful. Thank you for the reviews. I wish I could quilt but my mind and my hands just don't cooperate together. I love quilts as I think they could really tell their own stories but I will have to go with books as to what I like best.

    1. I understand Melanie! My sewing projects never quite end up as I imagined them in my mind.

  2. Books are some of my favorite things and I will have to add these to my TBR list! Thank you for sharing the reviews!!