Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Review of Teaching Diamonds in the Tough by Cleo Lampos

For all those who work with
and love children:

Back Cover:
Finding the potential in problematic students is challenging regardless of the setting: public school, private school, church clubs, youth groups, or Sunday school. In her book, Teaching Diamonds in the Tough, author Cleo Lampos reminds the reader on each page that every teacher possesses the power to shape a child s future.

Through illustrative episodes drawn from her teaching experiences, Lampos recreates the struggles, triumphs, and heartbreaks inherent in education. Undergirded with the belief that even the most incorrigible child can change if given affection, attention, and guidance, the author inspires educators with story, Scripture, quotes, and a suggested action plan. The challenge, according to Lampos, is to look beyond the rough exteriors of a student s attitude and behavior to their inner needs. Underneath may be a true Diamond in the Tough.

My thoughts:
This book is a must-read for all those who love and work with children and youth. Cleo is a talented writer who knows her subject very well. Having come from a troubled home gives her the experinece to write a touching, excellent book that will stir you to action.

The stories are ones you can relate to if you've had experience dealing with the younger set. The discussion and action plans at the end of the chapters are good guides to go by.

No child is beyond hope. With love and earnest devotion, hopefully any and all children can be reached. Yes, it is tough to see below the rough exterior but love can crack that hard shell.

If you teach or work in programs that deal with children you'll want to grab a copy of this book! I just wish everyone could have this book to read, study, and encourage yourself. I highly recommend it.

Our children are the next generation!

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  1. I can appreciate Teaching Diamonds in the Tough in that several years ago now, I taught in the public schools. I always believed that the few hours we had kids we needed to give them all the love and nurturing we could because for some, those were the best hours of their day.