Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hummingbird by David Stearman, a Review

Reviewed by Carole Brown

Father murdered while a baby and mother taken from her through stupid and vile men, Alexandra was raised in an orphaned state. When her brother gets in too deep with a gang and must have funds to pay the boss, Paco, for not getting the cash from stores that are “protected,” Alexandra turns to a past boyfriend, Justin, for help.

In return, they rob a store and then must run for their lives to Mexico. From one city to the next, until finally he leaves her, Alexandra finally finds herself in a small community that is host to thousands of beautiful hummingbirds. She befriends a young boy who also is her mentor in catching fish for the local café.

Her past creeps up on her to keep her from a truly happy life but after giving herself to Christ, she is a witness to those around hers, and besides the young Palito, whom she counts as a son, befriends a young prostitute and leads her to Christ. Young Lexa enters into business propositions with the neighborhood café and learns to take care of herself financially.

After several close encounters with a bounty hunter who is in Mexico illegally to bring her back to the states, she accepts God's leading and protection and learns that family and home is where the heart is.

A truly wonderful novel that kept me reading and reluctant to close the book each time I needed to. I certainly highly recommend this novel to all! It will be on my "keeper" list. Smile.

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--Carole Brown

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