Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fall Fun & Festivities

Ah, Autumn. It's one of those seasons that people either absolutely LOVE or HATE.

 For me, I love this time of year. The crisp weather, the sweaters and scarves, hot drinks, permission to start thinking and talking about Christmas...Sigh.

Autumn colors I captured while in New Brunswick this year.
Now my brother on the other hand? He could almost go into depression this time of year. The days get shorter, more clouds, rain/sleet/snow and storms, the COLD...where did all the sunshine go?

Maine autumn colors for you.
But whether you love fall or hate it, you have to admit that there is a lot of fun and festivities that go on. Hay rides, all the fresh veggies sold at stands, people tend to have fall parties, craft seems everyone is trying to get their socialization in before Winter sets in and no one wants to go out.

Perfect place to curl up with coffee or hot cider.

One of my favorite activities during the fall season is just taking a trip to the mountains, or a walk around the neighborhood, just to admire the changing of the leaves. It's such a beautiful reminder of the cycle of life and God's promise of resurrection in the Spring. I stand in awe when I think of how deeply that type goes. The leaves are dying, and yet in their death they are beautiful. They fall to the ground and become compost for the trees around them. In the same way, our lives are most beautiful when we fully die out to ourselves and allow ourselves to be in service to God and others.

Home, sweet home.
Fall in Colorado with Pike's Peak in the background.
So what about you? Do you love fall, or don't? 
What are your favorite festivities for this time of year?

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  1. Beautiful! I love fall! I am thankful :)

  2. I enjoy fall and live in an area where we see major changes for each season. The beautiful fall leaves are falling quickly with recent rain, winds and even some snow flurries last night.

  3. I love Fall and I always enjoy the beautiful colors of the leaves.