Friday, June 2, 2017

The Bachelor's Twins by Kathryn Springer

Anna Leighton's eight-year-old twin daughters think they've given their hardworking single mom the perfect birthday gift. But the family canoe trip with outdoorsman Liam Kane is far from relaxing. Their rocky shared past—and the secret Anna's been keeping—means she's given Liam a wide berth for ten years…until now. Liam may be bowled over by his former high school crush's beauty, but these days he's a die-hard bachelor who's building a cabin for one. But the rugged Liam underestimates the power of an unstoppable force: two little girls who want a daddy.

Heidi here. The Bachelor's Twins was an excellent read. Kathryn Springer never disappoints. Back in Castle Falls we meet hardworking single mom Anna Leighton and her twin daughters, Cassie and Chloe (who kind of steal the show, they are super cute and matchmakers to boot!). The hero, Liam Kane has a past with Anna, but it isn't what you'd expect. They weren't high-school sweethearts, not by a long shot. But the conflict between Liam and Anna is real, yet both remember that pivotal night differently ~ which is why the conflict is able to be sustained for an entire novel.

I also liked the little subplot of her running the ice cream store because she was expected to and because it was in the family, but her dream and passion was making jewelry. Fun and quick read, page-turner. I'd highly recommend!


  1. Oh my, another book that grabbed me from the title and cover. I'm going to have to definitely read this one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Heidi.

    1. Marilyn, thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. This sounds like a great book for the summer. Thanks for sharing!