Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun with Special Guest Mariah Holloway

Today I'm excited to introduce a friend of mine that I met last year in New Mexico. She and I hit it off and have been bouncing story ideas back and forth ever since.  Today, she's joining us for a Fun Friday and sharing an excerpt from her Work in Progress. We're going to see her characters having a bit of fun themselves. ;) But first, let me tell you a little about my friend.

Mariah Holloway has been writing stories since about the age of seven. She has always enjoyed making up her own stories. When she heard something that fascinated her, she was quick to write a story inspired by that. When she was young, she would draw pictures on each page of her stories to convey what she was saying. Mariah’s love for writing increased as she took English classes in elementary school through college. Along with her passion for writing, Mariah enjoys reading, photography, and art. You can follow Mariah on Facebook and check out her website

And now for the excerpt from On The Wings of Freedom:

She stared at the sun as its rays peeked through the branches of the trees above them. The sun seemed to be winking at her. Ella laughed and winked back.

She sighed in contentment. It was the perfect day to be out with her family. It felt good to get away from the loud bustling town for a change though she did enjoy hearing the laughter of the Jewish children running through the streets after one another, the mothers holding their babies while laughing and carrying on about the latest gossip, and the fathers bidding on items to buy. Ella was blessed with a lovely town, but moments like the moment now was what she lived for.

Ella turned her head slightly and saw a red cardinal sitting on one of the branches, singing a beautiful melody. Another bird joined him, and they flew off together towards the sun. Ella smiled as she watched the exchange. The birds were free. Their wings of freedom always flew them to new heights and places. They did not have a care in the world. They never had to watch their backs because they could always fly to new heights. They always had a happy song in their hearts because they knew they would always have their wings of freedom. No one could take that from them. They never—

“Hey!” yelled Ella as she abruptly sat up.

Cold water fell down her face and neck as loose tendrils of her hair plastered to her face. She spat water out of her mouth and began wiping her face with her hands.

Just then she saw her husband drop a bucket and run off laughing. Realization dawned on Ella, and she threw her head back in laughter.

“You little sneak!” she laughed after her husband.

She hopped to her feet and ran after him. He slowed down still laughing as she caught up with him. He picked her up before Ella could respond and began spinning her around. Ella raised her hands in the air and laughed. She was flying just like the birds. She was free.

A bird whistling on a nearby tree shook Ella out of her reverie. She turned to the sound and saw a bird perched on a nearby branch. It was not a bright-colored, beautiful red cardinal. Instead it was a black raven. It was not singing a beautiful medley. It was only whistling. Ella looked up and saw a group of ravens fly by. Ella brows furrowed together as she looked back at the single raven. Why would he not fly with the others? Did he not see he had the ability to soar in freedom? Instead he just sat there.

The raven matched Ella’s inner turmoil. His blackness matched what was going on inside of Ella. Ella no longer had a beautiful melody to sing just like the raven, and she could not fly on the wings of freedom any longer. She was no longer that red cardinal. 


Mariah's first story, The Castle is available on Amazon, and she will soon be releasing The Prince. It is an allegorical medieval tale taking you to the heart of knowing who you are.

 Aaron always knew he was meant for something greater, but he did not know what it was. He did not realize what laid within him until a mysterious beggar appears.


  1. I love medieval tales! So nice to meet yet another author. Welcome Mariah. On The Wings of Freedom sounds interesting.

    1. Hey Debbie! Thanks for stopping by today! It's so fun to introduce Mariah on the blog. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Mary,
      I enjoy the time period as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Medieval times are interesting! I remember going to a local Renaissance festival when I was young. The era has captivated me since.
    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  5. Thank you for introducing Mariah Holloway. I was so caught up reading this post with images in my mind and senses alerted. Medieval times are interesting to read and see. God bless you ladies.

  6. Enjoyed getting to know a new-to-me author. Looking forward to hearing more from Mariah!