Monday, July 11, 2016


Pilate said to Jesus,” Don’t you know I have power either to free you or to crucify you?”

            Have you ever wished for some free time or to be set free from something?  When you are bound up with problems or over loaded with being busy, you are in need of freedom.  As you can see in the scripture, Pilate told Jesus that He had two choices, to be set free or to be crucified.

            For Christ, there was no choice; His choice was determined from the beginning of time.  To be crucified so that He could set all mankind free.

            Today, we still have two choices, to be set free or to be crucified.  If we are bound by anything such as addictions, jealousy, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness or hate, we are not able to enjoy the freedom that God has for us.  Likewise, if we keep our life so full and busy we have no time for a peaceful relationship with God. Instead, our life is drained away as we use up our energy on problems and busyness.

            It’s amazing to imagine Pilate giving Christ this choice.  He wasn’t aware that Christ is the only one who gives all of mankind the choice between life and death. Jesus chose to die because He understood the greater plan of His father; that He should conquer death. Once that was accomplished, He was able to offer freedom from death to those who would follow Him.

            Jesus had to die, to set others free.  For us it is the opposite.  We must be free, to help set others free. To begin though, we must get free.  How do we do this?  Look to God’s word.   There are so many scriptures that give us the answers we need; How to overcome depression, anger, bitterness.  When we spend time reading God’s word and praying, He puts calmness in our spirit which helps us to overcome the problems of busyness.  In His word we will find rest and freedom.

            If we choose not to allow God to help us be set free, our other choice is crucifixion. We are basically allowing our lives to be controlled by Satan, who wants to lead us down the road of death.  When we don’t choose God’s freedom for addictions, bitterness, hate or busyness, we risk death to our relationships, careers, home life and even our own lives.

            Once we have discovered how God’s plan can set us free, we are able to share this knowledge with others.  Highlight the scriptures that you find, that have helped you over come.  It won’t be long before God will send someone your way who needs you to share the over coming experience you have had.

            If the Son therefore shall make you FREE, ye shall be FREE indeed.

by Teresa Ives Lilly
Shelby lives in a gentler time, with her father and brother. As she grows into womanhood she learns that the church across the river has much more to offer her life than the beautiful sound of the ringing bells that Mamma loved so much.
As she develops in her relationship with Jesus Christ Shelby is torn between two young men and the chance to become a teacher. With God's guidance she is able to make the right decision.

A sweet, clean story. You can trust this one for as young as 13 and as old as 100.


  1. Very good post....excellent message.

  2. Great post! We are free in Jesus. Thank you Lord for freedom and peace in you.