Friday, September 12, 2014

Confessional Friday

I participate in a weekly blog link-up called Confessional Friday, where bloggers share tidbits about their week--things they may not normally share.

So, I thought I'd do a Reader Confessional Friday.

I confess that I often check reviews after reading a book just to see if other people agree with me.

I confess that I currently have 297 books on my kindle to-read list, just waiting for me.

I confess that doesn't count the hundred or so books on my book shelf waiting to be read.

I confess I have a small--okay large--crush on the hero of whatever book I'm reading at the time.

I also confess that I usually forget about said hero (and most of the plot) by the next week. So, when a character sticks out, I know it's a five-star book.

I confess I'm a sucker for a bad boy in a book.

I confess I get annoyed by heroines who are weak or co-dependent. I like feisty, independent characters.

That's it for today.

What's your reader confession?

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Laura Jackson serves as the librarian of an elementary school and writes YA novels at night. Her first book Worth the Wait released in February, and the second book in the series (Worth the Time) comes out in January 2015. Connect with her on FB, Twitter, or on her website.


  1. I'm rather fickle when it comes to loving heroes. Those that linger are always re-reads.

    1. I agree with you, Mary. Those characters that stick with you are always worth the reread. :)

    2. For me too. With a growing TBR pile, I know it's a favorite when I reread it!

  2. I have sooooo many books in my TBR pile or on my Kindle. And I am woefully behind on writing reviews.

    1. As do I, Patricia. I know what you're feeling! I got a whole bunch of free books when they ran an Amazon special, but I haven't been able to read them. Your book is now added to that pile! :)

    2. Me too, Patricia, and I feel bad not writing reviews.

  3. We're not going to discuss my TBR pile (or should I say mountain ;) ). I'd say it's not just the characters that keep me coming back to the story, it's also the message woven with in a great plot.

    Great post, Laura. :)

    Crystal L Barnes

  4. If the characters don't grab my affection in the first few chapters, I'll skip to the end and call the book finished.

    1. I need to start doing that because I like knowing what happened but don't have the time to spend if I'm not loving it. I do skim sometimes if it's a boring part.