Thursday, July 10, 2014

Story in the Stars (Gateway to Gannah) Christian Science Fiction

When a plague destroys everyone on her planet, Dassa, Gannah warrior knight and leader, nearly dies, too. But a distress call brings a starship to her planet and rescues her before she succumbs to the infection. Dassa is put under the care of a Karkar doctor, name Pik, who hates everything Gannah, with good reason. The bloodthirsty Gannahan savages, who tried to conquer the galaxy, nearly destroyed his planet.

With nothing left of her people, Dassa clings to her God and the story he has written in the stars. Reluctantly, she follows his directions to overcome the prejudice of the entire galaxy and show her enemy Dr. Pik the Creator’s love through her actions.

Yvonne Anderson’s The Story in the Stars (Gateway to Gannah), science-fiction from a scriptural perspective with a romantic element, was inspired by a book called The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A Seiss, originally published in 1882.  Here’s how impressed I was with The Story in the Stars … I went to Amazon immediately after finishing to see what the rest of the series was about. I downloaded a sample of book 2, and I bought book three in the series since Yvonne will be on my blog later this month discussing this book. I will be haunting Amazon to watch for when book 2 goes on sale and for book 4 which comes out later this year.

I started reading three books when I began reading Story in the Stars, determining that whichever one caught my fancy would be the one I would read first. This book won, and I read it in two days, neglecting a big pile of laundry that HAD to be washed.

Reminiscent of the television series and movie Star Trek, Yvonne’s book has all the elements a science fiction reader could want, as well as a Christian angle that, for a the most part, is woven in and not beating the reader over the head. I love a subtle religious element in my stores. The religious aspect did get more obvious toward the end, but by that time I was so invested in the characters and their journeys that I forgave her.

The combination of an independent, warrior heroine; a not-so-heroic hero; fantastic settings; and a religious twist that tied them together had me turning the pages of this book as fast as I could. If you’ve ever wondered what the scenario might be if life beyond our planet exists and how God might tie into such a situation, you’ll want to read The Story in the Stars (Gateway to Gannah).

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review, but I’ll be buying the rest of them. This series is a keeper!



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