Monday, July 21, 2014

Looking for Life in a Graveyard!

Last Sunday, my pastor taught on Ephesians 2:1-7. It's a powerful portion of scripture explaining how Christ brought us from death to life.

He made a comment about singles not looking for a mate in the graveyard and that we shouldn't date a corpse. It was funny, but I loved his point. His point was if we are alive in Christ, why would we want a mate who is spiritually dead?

It got me thinking. How many times do I look for life in things that are dead?

We search for life in people, places, and things that can never satisfy us. We strive for peace, comfort, and love among the dead.

And then we wonder why we feel spiritually dead, emotionally drained, and even physically tired.

But, we have the answer. Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well that if she drank of the living water, she'd never thirst again. We have the bread of life at our disposal 24/7, especially with the lovely invention of the Bible apps.

Drink of Him. Taste of His Word and see that it is good.

And Live, an eternal life that not even death can touch.

Are you looking for life in a graveyard? Or are you living in the spirit?

Laura Jackson loves Jesus, trees, and the Houston Rockets. She lives in a suburb of Houston, where she serves as a librarian by day and a YA author at night. Her debut novel Worth the Wait released in February, and its sequel Worth the Time comes out in January 2015. Find her at

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  1. Wonderful thoughts, Laura! Thank you for sharing.

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