Friday, October 4, 2013

The Quest for a Belt...for my sewing machine

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow, right?

Someone famous said that. Probably that cartoon guy that always wanted a burger today that he'd pay for the next day.

As a writer, and a seamstress, I often find myself abiding by those words if by accident. I get caught up in a project and all other stuff may fall through the wayside. (It's something I've struggled with my whole life and am steadily gaining on it, though.)

I was taught to sew and make patterns by Granny. It was my father's mother and she lived with us. We sewed everything. Quilts, clothes, napkins, even throw rugs (a pattern my granny created and I'm quite sure there were none like them nor will there ever be any like them unless I chose to make some). Everything we made was on an old Singer treadle sewing machine.

I still sew on a treadle sewing machine because it's familiar and comfortable to me. Oh I've had my share of new ones and electric ones. But I always go back to my first love. I gave the treadle sewing machine I learned to sew on to my aunt, and kept a treadle sewing machine that belonged to my husband's grandmother. A gorgeous piece of machinery.

It has the same problem my other treadle had. No belt. Now before computers I had trouble coming up with a way to get belts. Since we just moved and my desire to sew is nearly overwhelming, I hopped on the internet and quickly became inundated with choices. To a brain like mine, too many choices can be just as devastating as not enough choices. It asked questions I had no way of knowing. And so still no belt.

I teach preschoolers and I kept thinking I could sew this or that needed for the classroom, and then I'd remember...oh, no belt. And I'd file it on my mental to-do list...again.

Just three days ago I found myself needing and wanting beanbags in a rainbow of colors. A few "sets" of them actually for a learning game for the toddlers (as far as I know toddler have never seriously hurt each other with little beanbags, but then again, after three years in the two-year old classroom, nothing surprises me anymore). After pricing a few boxes I scoffed. I could easily make them. I dug out my material and realized I was short a yard or so of some colors and totally out of others, so I made a list of the colors I would need and headed to the store. Then I belt. I could order one, and wait for it to come in, pray I ordered the right size, and then get busy sewing the beanbags. By the time all that was said and done the month would be over.

So I paid the unbelievably high price for ONE box of the colorful bean bags. And it came out of my pocket because I had been unprepared.
And then I immediately order the belt.

And even though it cost me, I am excited to know that I will be sewing again soon!

And guess what my kids will get on the last day of school? A personalized quilt square made by yours truly on MY machine.


  1. I think it is wonderful that you were taught to sew and continue to use this talent. So glad you finally got that belt ordered and are back on your way to sewing again soon! I love that you are giving your kiddos a personalized quilt square; what a treasure!!

  2. I would love to see pics of the sewing machine. I've seen others with the old-fashioned sewing machines built into their own cabinets. Those are neato. My grandma is a seamstress too, and I'm hoping to get her to teach me how to actually use one of those dohickeys soon. :)
    Happy Stitching! ;)

  3. I remember my grandmother sitting at her Singer treadle sewing machine. What wonderful memories you have brought back to me, thank you! I think it is wonderful that you sew. I don't sew a stitch and am in awe of people that can turn a piece of material into something useful and beautiful.