Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More than One Way to Sk---Knit a Scarf

I know. You thought I was gonna say a cat. :) But really, did you know there is more than one way to knit by hand? A way where you're not having to release one needle to move your yarn? Well, there is.

There is the left-handed (German/Continental) method and the right-handed (American/English) method. (There are other names for this I'm sure, but these are the ones I know.) Having taught myself how to do both, I'll admit I much prefer the left-handed method because it makes knitting much more like crocheting.

Here are some instructive videos I found to help teach those who are interested in learning the German method. The knitting one even has a variation of an old rhyme to help you remember how to do it. :)

For Knitting:

For Purling:

Hope you've enjoyed learning more about the lovely world of knitting. Maybe this will help move those Christmas projects along or ebb your "fear of the needle." :)

Which method do you use to knit/purl? Did you know there was more than one way to knit? Which way seems easier to you?


  1. I love to knit and have been knitting for over 25 years. I prefer the continental method, but had to teach myself that method because I learned by the throw method.

    1. Wow! You've been knitting much longer than me. :) I learned the throw method first too.
      Thanks for dropping by, Edie. :)

  2. I started about a year ago. Those ruffly scarves are great for beginners. as my mom was teaching me se realized i was knitting backwards, or pearling. I am slightly dyslexic so it goes with the territory.

    1. That's cool, Christina. So do you use the German or English method?