Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Shadows Series By Tina Pinson - One of StitchesThruTime's own


                          By    Tina Pinson

Rebekah fights to keep her world intact. Loss and sorrow seep into her heart.
Her sights on Oregon, she prays New Eden will be a place of peace for her and her son. A refuge. She travels to Missouri to start her journey and is denied the opportunity to join the wagon train.

Matthew battles his way through the war, thinking of Rebekah, planning to help her west. He fears his biggest battles lie ahead.

Will Rebekah open her heart and allow him to be the one to hold her when shadows fall?

Rebekah faces challenges that would unnerve most women of her age, yet, she does it with strength of purpose and for the protection of those she loves.

These stories are so gripping, I could sense the tension, smell the stock, the horror of the dangers along the trail, the flies and biting insects, the dust penetrating every pore, and the jarring of the wagon as they traveled over ruts and hardened ground. Not to mention the fear of attack by bandits, Indians, or predators and the loss of life.

I’ve been privileged to read each of these books prior to release. A gripping series that has had me begging Tina to send me a copy of the next one, long before they’re ready.

Tina weaves her stories like finely woven linen. A work that will last for generations to come. Each thread is stitched intricately, connecting one scene to another to keep the reader intrigued from one page to the next.
You will not be disappointed for any amount of time spent reading these compelling novels within

Tina Pinson is one of our group here at Stitches Thru Time, but I’d read this series before the blog began. It was when I offered the review, Crystal informed me that Tina had become one of the contributors. I’m very honored to be able to promote her work at this time. Be watching – there is one more book to come.


  1. Joy,
    Thank you so much. you've been a my #1 encourager and fan. The next book in the series comes out January 1st. This Shadowed Land. And I will certainly make sure you get it early. I'll let you in a bit of secret. While this last book finishes this part of the journey. I've already been considered writing another book in the family saga.


  2. Joy, I can't wait to read the Shadows Series thanks to your wonderful post. You captured my interest right off the bat!I certainly want to know more about Rebekah and Matthew. Thank you so much! Melanie

  3. The Shadows Series sounds like a wonderful series and one I look forward to reading. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Excellent review, Joy. That book cover for When Shadows Fall is so arresting. It's going on my TBR list right now.