Thursday, August 11, 2016

As Waters Gone By

Cynthia Ruchti has written a gem in As Waters Gone By. The first thing I love is the characters-oh where do I start? Of course, Boozie is my favorite. She’s beyond eclectic, and grounded deeply in her faith. She’s fun, creative, supportive, and in your face. She’s almost the most mature person in the room, and also the youngest. And she’s not even the main character! 

Emmalyn Ross is our girl and finds herself in a sticky situation, getting stickier as the weeks go by. Her husband is due to get out of prison in less than a year, and she hasn’t spoken to him in three years. And there’s so much more to it! He loves me, he loves me not…plus, she’s given up on their earlier dreams, and needs to find out if there’s anything worth hoping for in the future. And will he even be there in her future?

I love that Ruchti writes about married couples. There is so much that can happen in and to a marriage, and Ruchti excavates that landscape beautifully. The side characters are a hoot – and truly, I wish they could be my friends. I love the northern Wisconsin setting. I love the twists and turns. I love the ending. What’s not to love? Reading the last two words: The End.

It feels like a cozy little story, but As Waters Gone By is a captivating read!! I hope you’ll give it a try. You can find it for sale here.

Would you consider moving to an isolated island when life gets tough? Emmalyn does just that in this story. Tell us where you’d go or if you wouldn’t go at all, and we’ll enter you to win our DAILY prize: Leveraging Lincoln: The Liberator Series, Book 1 -- Audiobook---by Stephenia H McGee. (Don’t you just love birthday celebrations?)


  1. The characters sound memorable. I like that.

  2. A nice review of As Waters Gone By with the descriptive characters and challenges. I would probably stay in the same spot when life was tough, but if I had to move it would be to a cabin in the mountains.

  3. Thank you for this, Jennifer! Your thoughts inspire me for my next story! (I loved Boozie, too!) :)

    1. Yes! :-) Go with Boozie/Bougie for sure! :-)

  4. Sounds like a great read. If it weren't for my grandbabies, I would SO move to an isolated island somewhere.

  5. The book sounds great. If I could run away it would be to an island or the mountains. :-)

  6. I haven't had the privilege of reading As Waters Gone By but this first paragraph and the descripciĆ³n of Boozie makes it another addition to my TBR list!